Better Winterfell for AWOIAF Warband

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About this mod

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This works only with A World of Ice and Fire mod!


I tried to make the city(or castle w/e) as authentic as possible as seen in the Game of Thrones series.

Improved/created Great Keep, courtyard, market, housing for common people, Winter city and Godswood.

AI mesh fully working and functional.


I made the sieging scene a bit more interesting than you probably had seen in most of the mods out there.

Usually you run a straight line with your men, till you encounter enemy spawn point and take over the city. Not anymore in Winterfell though. There are different "sections", if you will. Now you have to fight your way from tight alleyways to the real meat grinder(lol) in the market, where hordes of Starks assault you while archers fire all around you. And you _should_ have a bit of an effort till you actually get to the Great Keep(where defenders spawn).

Installation instructions

Download the mod from here (redirect to
Just extract the file into your warband root directory.


This mod is made by Ilkka Nyk√§nen.
E-mail: Ilkka.Nykanen (at)